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Never miss a class! Indulge in online DIY bootcamps, dance & fitness classes, LIVE coaching... & SO much more!

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We can't wait to GET FIT & HAVE FUN with you here at Fit Club LIVE

Our goal is to make fitness FUN and FLEXIBLE for the everyday woman. So that's why here at Fit Club LIVE we give you access to videos from four different gym locations with classes ranging from Bootcamps that can be done anywhere, Dance, Yoga & Pilates, and even Pole Fitness classes... all at your fingertips whenever you want them. Enjoy fun ways to stay in shape on your terms! Come get FIT & have FUN with us! xoxo KK , TV Fitness expert & lead instructor of FIT Club LIVE

Fitness at your fingertips 24/7

Choose from bootcamps, dance, yoga, pilates & fitness classes with 100% flexiblity!

Never miss a class!

Is it difficult to make it in for a class at one of our locations? Or do you live somewhere completely different and still want to GET FIT & HAVE FUN with us?! Join us for the LIVE replay... on your terms!

Need accountability?

We know... fitness is generally more FUN with friends in a regular and enjoyable environment. Turn wherever you are into our studio! Our virtual coaching programs also give even more 1-on-1 attention if you need it, our 6 week and 28 day challenge are a blast & great way to get started!

The BEST classes of your FIT life- on your terms!

Make yourself stronger than your excuses! We have classes that are 10 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour... You don't need a schedule or a gym membership. All you need is flexibility and consistency! The BEST workout is the one you actually want to do!

More than 1,000 FIT friends throughout Florida and around the world....and counting!

"I couldn't have lost the last 10 lbs without taking classes on FIT Club LIVE. When I was able to make my own fitness schedule I had no excuses and found myself looking forward to new classes as if I was right there in the studio! Now my core is looking better than it has in years & I'm BACK IN MY SKINNY JEANS!"